Sample Maryland Math Word Problems Worksheet
Maryland Theme Unit

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1.   The Smithsons have decided to go on an adventure this year. The Marvelous Birding Weekend is held each year in April for people who want to watch the warblers, waterfowl, and shorebirds migrate into the area. It will cost $30 for a canoe to watch them from the water. They purchased two bird guides for $7 each. How much did this adventure cost the Smithson family?

2.   Christopher lives in Maryland, but has a baseball tournament in Pennsylvania. It is 292 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cambridge, Maryland. How many round-trip miles will he travel for his tournament?

3.   It will cost $28 one-way on Dachshund Bus Lines to get from Salisbury, Maryland, to Baltimore, Maryland. How much would it cost for a round trip ticket?

4.   Babe Ruth, who was born in Baltimore, Maryland, is still known as one of the greatest baseball hitters of all time. He hit 54 home runs in 1920, 59 in 1921, 35 in 1922, and 41 in 1923. How many home runs did Babe score altogether for these four years?

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