Sample Massachusetts Math Word Problems Worksheet
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1.   On a trip to Boston, Jason and his family wanted to visit the New England Aquarium, The Boston Museum of Science and the Boston Children's Museum. If the distance from the Aquarium to the Museum of Science is sixteen miles, the distance from the Museum of Science to the Children's Museum is four miles, and the distance back to the Aquarium is seventeen miles, how many miles will they travel to visit all three sights?

2.   The Boston Celtics are playing against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday at the Fleet Center. Tickets went on sale Monday and 12,731 tickets were sold. If the total number of tickets available is 18,702, how many tickets were available for sale on Tuesday?

3.   Massachusetts occupies 10,555 square miles. If 2,719 square miles of Massachusetts is water, how many square miles in Massachusetts is land?

4.   Amy's family loves to ski. During winter break, Amy's family plans on skiing at Nashoba Valley, Wachusett Mountain and Jiminy Peak. If the round trip to Nashoba Valley is ninety-nine miles, the round trip to Wachusett Mountain is one hundred seventy-nine miles, and the round trip to Jiminy Peak is one hundred ninety miles, how many miles will her family travel to ski all three mountains?

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