Sample Mexico Math Word Problems Worksheet
Mexico Theme Unit

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1.   A hotel room in Cabo San Lucas costs $108 for two people and $10 for each additional person. The sales tax for hotel rooms is 5%. There are four people in the Smith family. They stayed at the hotel for six days. How much is their hotel bill?

2.   Clarita's sister works in an American company in Amarillo, Texas. She works forty hours every week and is paid $13.77 per hour. She sends a third of her weekly salary to Clarita to take care of their mother. How much money does Clarita's sister send home each week?

3.   Catharina's father harvests ninety-eight ears of maize every hour. How many ears does he harvest in three-fourths of an hour?

4.   Seņor DeLeon spends his days fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, north of the Yucatan Peninsula. He went fishing on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday he caught ten more fish than the number of fish he caught on Monday. If he caught a total of forty fish, how many fish did he catch on Monday?

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