Sample Minnesota Math Word Problems Worksheet
Minnesota Theme Unit

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1.   Tonka Trucks are made in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Jeremy had to buy six of them for his cousins this holiday season. If they cost $19.99 each, how much did these purchases cost him in all?

2.   Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes. Actually, though, it has 15,000 lakes. Three-fourths of these lakes are more than 10 acres in size. How many of Minnesota's lakes are more than 10 acres?

3.   The two most famous cities in Minnesota are known as the Twin Cities. They are St. Paul and Minneapolis. St. Paul is the state capital. In the year 2000, St. Paul had a population of 287,151 people. Minneapolis is the state's largest city. In the year 2000, this city had a population of 382,618 people. How many people lived in the Twin Cities in the year 2000?

4.   In 2002, there were 2,918,000 employees in Minnesota. Thirty-six percent were in the service field, 24% were in trade, 17% were in manufacturing, 4% were in government, 6% were in finance or real estate, 6% were in public utilities, 5% were in construction, and 1% were in farming. How many people were employed in the construction field in Minnesota in 2002?

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