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1.   On April 12, 1934, the wind speed on top of Mount Washington was recorded at 231 miles per hour. When Hurricane Gloria struck on September 28, 1985, the highest recorded wind speed was 72 miles per hour. How much faster was the wind on top of Mount Washington, than the winds from Hurricane Gloria?

2.   New Hampshire has a square area of 9,283 square miles. It is ranked 44th out of the 50 states in our nation. How many states are larger than New Hampshire? How many are smaller?

3.   The Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester holds the New Hampshire Home Show the third weekend of March of each year. If 3,070 people attended on Friday and 6,650 attended on Saturday, how many more people attended on Saturday?

4.   New Hampshire has over 50 covered bridges. The three longest are the Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge which is ninety-one feet long, the Happy Corner Bridge which is eighty-six feet long, and the River Road Bridge which is fifty-seven feet long. If you laid these bridges end to end, how long would the new bridge be?

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