Sample New Hampshire Math Word Problems Worksheet
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New Hampshire
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1.   Seventy-eight thousand, five hundred thirty-six people attended a concert at the Verizon Wireless Arena. If the arena holds 102,678 people, how many empty seats were there at the concert?

2.   According to the 2000 census, the population of four metropolitan cities are as follows:
Manchester   99,332
Nashua  79,662
Concord  36,006
Portsmouth  25,925
If the population of the entire State of New Hampshire is 1,185,000, what percent of the population does not live in one of these cities?

3.   Janine and her family are going hiking in the White Mountains. Her parents need to buy new hiking boots for Janine and her two brothers. Boots for Janine cost $70.17, and boots for her brothers are $54.20 each. How much will it cost to purchase boots for Janine and her brothers?

4.   Samantha has one brother and two sisters. During their vacation, they will visit the Flume, Fort #4, and Rye Beach with their mom and dad. If admission to the Flume is $5.00 per person, the admission to Fort #4 is $12.00 per person, and parking at Rye Beach will cost $25.00 per car, how much will Samantha's family spend on their vacation?

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