Sample Ohio Math Word Problems Worksheet
Ohio Theme Unit

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1.   The mean elevation of the state of Ohio is 850 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation in Ohio is 455 feet at the Ohio River. The highest elevation is 1,549 feet at the top of Campbell Hill. How many feet higher is the elevation of Campbell Hill than the mean elevation of Ohio?

2.   While visiting the gift shop at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Shelly bought a book on giraffes for $6.50 and a stuffed penguin for $9.99. If she gave the clerk a $20.00 bill, how much change did she receive?

3.   Matthew's dad took him to a Cleveland Browns football game for his birthday. Matthew was able to invite his friend Joey to go with them. If tickets for the game cost $27.48 each, how much did it cost to attend the football game?

4.   Ohio is the 34th largest state out of the 50 states. It has 40,953 square miles of land and 3,875 square miles of water. How many total square miles does Ohio cover?

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