Sample South Dakota Math Word Problems Worksheet
South Dakota Theme Unit

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South Dakota
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1.   We visited Margie's Christmas Store in South Dakota, where we bought three boxes of ornaments for our tree. A box of ornaments cost $7.95. There were three boxes that each had six ornaments. How many ornaments did we buy?

2.   It was 3:15 when we left for our picnic. We got back to our motel in Rapid City at 5:30. How long were we gone?

3.   Olivia's family of six wanted to experience fishing in the Missouri River in South Dakota. Since they didn't live there, they had to pay $12 per day per person. How much did it cost them to fish?

4.   Mount Rushmore is 5,725 feet high. The highest mountain in the United States, Mount McKinley, is 20,306 feet high. How much higher is Mount McKinley?

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