Sample Tennessee Math Word Problems Worksheet
Tennessee Theme Unit

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1.   According to the 2000 census, there were 545,524 people living in Nashville, Tennessee. 281,429 were female. What percentage of the city was male?

2.   It is 105 miles from Henderson to Memphis. Traveling at 55 mph, how long would the trip take?

3.   While driving through Chattanooga, Devin's car engine quit working. After having his car towed home, he called two car repair shops to get a price for a new engine. Don's Repair told him that it would cost $2,500 for the engine plus 20% of that cost for labor. Alameda Car Repair told him it would cost $2,750 plus 10% for labor. Which shop will cost Devin the least amount of money? By how much?

4.   Noah's family of four visited Dollywood while on vacation in Tennessee. His parents paid $34.55 per ticket. Noah and his sister's tickets were $17.85 each. How much were their tickets altogether?