Sample Texas Math Word Problems Worksheet
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1.   According to the 2000 census, there were 563,332 people living in El Paso; 534,694 people living in Fort Worth; and, 193,117 living in Laredo. How many people lived in these three cities in the year 2000?

2.   Danielle's family wanted to go camping for the weekend. They all decided that Lake Whitney State Park was a good place to go. They arrived on Friday and went home on Sunday after a fun-filled weekend of camping, fishing, and building campfires. It cost the family $15.00 per night to rent a space for their tent and $2.00 per night for parking. How much money did it cost their family for the weekend?

3.   Robert's family could not decide where they wanted to go on vacation, but they wanted the drive to be less than 269 miles from their home in Dallas. Austin is 164 miles from Dallas. Houston is 220 miles from Dallas. How much further is Houston than Austin?

4.   The state of Texas gained its independence from Mexico on April 21, 1836 after a fight at the Battle of San Jacinto. If today were April 21, 2006, how long ago did Texas gain its independence?

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