Sample Texas Math Word Problems Worksheet
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1.   The Caldwell family decided to go on a picnic because it was such a beautiful day. They made a grocery list and Dad went shopping. He bought an 8-pound watermelon at $0.95 per pound, three loaves of bread for $1.41 each, a 12-pack of sodas for $3.45, and a half a pound of ham at $3.51 per pound. How much money did Dad spend at the store?

2.   According to the 2000 census, there were 1,188,580 people living in Dallas, of which 598,991 were male.   a)What percentage of the population was male?  b) What percentage was female?

3.   The Battle of the Alamo was a major defeat for the Texan army in which there was not one man that survived. The Mexican army, although the victors, lost 1,500 of its men. Mexico started with 5,000 men in its army, whereas Texas had less than 200. What percentage of Mexico's army survived the battle?

4.   Nicole's family of five people decided to spend their summer vacation in San Antonio. They went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Tuesday which cost them $31.54 per person. On Thursday, they visited Sea World. The fun they had there cost them $48.18 per person. How much money did Nicole's family spend on admission into these two parks?

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