Sample Uzbekistan Math Word Problems Worksheet
Uzbekistan Theme Unit

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1.   Lee Hong, a man from China, traveled along the Great Silk Way for 2 weeks. During the first week of his trip he visited seven cities, and during the next week he visited eight more. How many cities did Lee Hong visit?

2.   Leila and her family grow cotton on two fields. Each field gives them eighty-three pounds of cotton a year. How many pounds of cotton do Leila and her family get every year?

3.   Zemfira likes making her own clothes. She went to a fabric store to buy some silk for her new gown. She bought six yards of fabric, which was $4.00 for each yard. How much money did Zemfira have to pay?

4.   Musa and Ali are traveling through the desert to the market in Samarqand. Musa has eight camels carrying herbs and fruit. Ali has four more camels than Musa. How many camels do Musa and Ali have altogether?

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