Sample Uzbekistan Math Word Problems Worksheet
Uzbekistan Theme Unit

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1.   Tamara has a farm. She grows cotton and then sells it at one of the markets in Tashkent. She has three fields of cotton bushes. There are eighty-six plants in one field, and the other fields have sixty-one plants each. Every year each plant gives an average of 2.3 pounds of white soft fiber called cotton. How many pounds of cotton does Tamara have to sell every year?

2.   Hasan and Musa are neighbors and friends. Hasan loves animals and has four goats. Musa is a gardener, and has a very nice garden with many different kinds of vegetables, including lots of greens that Hasan's goats love so much! To protect his garden from unwanted visitors, Musa is going to build a fence around it. The length of the garden is one hundred fifty feet, and the width is 1/5 the length. How many feet of fence will Musa have to build?

3.   Timur wants to buy a bike that costs $427. So he decided to work in the summer picking cotton. When he works in the field he carries a basket that he can fill with five pounds of cotton, and every day he fills as much as eighteen baskets. How many days will Timur have to work to have enough money to buy a bike, if he gets paid eighty-three cents for each pound of cotton?

4.   Mustafa's parents run a little store near the fruit market in Tashkent and they sell fruit. After school, Mustafa helps his parents at the store. He works at the counter and gets two percent of what he sells. One evening, he had a customer who bought a lot of fruit for a town festival - fourteen pounds of peaches for $1.08 a pound, twenty-one pounds of apples ($0.91 cents a pound), and six pounds of plums ($1.54 a pound). How much money did Mustafa earn selling fruit to that customer?

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