Sample Washington Math Word Problems Worksheet
Washington Theme Unit

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1.   To figure batting average in baseball, you would need to divide the number of "at bats" into the number of hits and round to the nearest thousandth. Suppose a Seattle Mariners player had 659 "at bats," but only 212 hits, what would be his batting average?

2.   The first school in Washington opened at Old Fort Vancouver in 1832. Washington officially became a state in 1889. How many years had passed from the time they built the first school in Washington until it officially became a state?

3.   The highest point in Washington is Mt. Rainier. It was named after a British soldier in the Revolutionary War named Peter Rainier. Its height is 14,410 feet. If you could climb the volcano and reach the top point in 8 days, how many feet could you climb per day?

4.   The first municipal monorail service in the United States began operating in Seattle in 1962. It was built to connect the World's Fair with downtown Seattle. The Faul family wants to travel on the monorail. It costs $1.50 per adult and 0.75 per child. The Faul family consists of a mom, a dad, and two children. They live in Port Orchard, Washington and will need to take the ferry to Seattle. This will cost $12.50 for their car and family to go across Elliot Bay to Seattle. Upon arriving at Seattle, they will have to park their car at a parking meter near the monorail. This will cost $.25 an hour. They will park their car for 5 hours. To return home on the ferry, it will cost $35.00. How much will traveling on the ferry, monorail, and parking the car cost the family?

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