Sample West Virginia Math Word Problems Worksheet
West Virginia Theme Unit

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West Virginia
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1.   Jonathan drove from Clarksburg to Lewisburg. The trip is 141 miles. It costs $1.67 per gallon of gas and Jonathan's tank holds 20 gallons. His truck gets 18 miles to the gallon. How much money in gas did he spend for the round-trip drive?

2.   At Camden Park, an amusement park, it costs $17.99 for adults and children over 48 inches tall. It costs $11.99 for children 48 inches and shorter. Children's Feet Daycare Center took the fourth graders on a field trip to the park. There were 8 adults and 22 children, of which 5 of them were over 48 inches tall. How much money was paid for admission altogether?

3.   At Coolie Elementary School in Charleston, there are 435 students enrolled. 42 of these students never showed up for school because they had moved during the summer. What percentage of the students attends the school?

4.   Brianna's grandmother is a member of Triple C Club and gets discounts at hotels. She stayed the night in Huntington, West Virginia, at the Forest Hotel. The hotel offered a Triple C discount of 15%. The regular cost of the hotel was $90 per night. How much did she pay with the discount?

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