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Four piggy banks contain a combination of pennies and dimes. Each piggy bank has five, fifteen, two, or four pennies. Each piggy bank also has nine, six, twelve, or fourteen dimes. Joshua, Cody, Makayla, and Kyle are the owners of the piggy banks.

Figure out how many pennies and dimes each person has and the total value of the coins.

1.    Makayla has either $1.40 or ninety cents worth of dimes.

2.    Kyle has less than seven cents worth of pennies.

3.    The person with two cents worth of pennies is not the one with $1.40 worth of dimes.

4.    The value of Cody's dimes is fifty-six cents more than the value of Cody's pennies.

5.    If the number of dimes Cody had were doubled, then the value of the dimes would be eighty cents.

6.    Joshua has a total of $1.25.