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Olivia, Jonathan, Timothy, Kevin, and Kyle want to make ice cream. They each have a different amount of milk (four, eight, five, seven, and three quarts) and a different amount of sugar (ten, seven, six, four, and two cups). One batch of ice cream requires 3 cups of milk and 2 cups of sugar.

Figure out how much milk and sugar each person has and then calculate the maximum number of batches of ice cream each can make.

1.    Olivia can make at least two batches of ice cream.

2.    If Timothy had six more cups of sugar, Timothy would have a total of 6 pints of sugar.

3.    Kyle can make at least four batches of ice cream.

4.    The person, who has seven cups of sugar, has nine less cups of sugar than cups of milk.

5.    The person, who has two cups of sugar, has twenty-six less cups of sugar than cups of milk.

6.    If Olivia had six times as much milk, Olivia would have twelve gallons of milk.

7.    If Kyle had five times as much milk, Kyle would have six gallons and one quart of milk.

8.    If Jonathan had three more cups of sugar, Jonathan would have a total of 5 pints of sugar.

9.    Timothy can make at least three batches of ice cream.