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The newspaper listed the daily high and low temperatures for four cities (Manila, Anchorage, Rome, and Atlanta). The high temperatures were: sixteen degrees Celsius, ten degrees Celsius, negative nine degrees Celsius, and thirty-eight degrees Celsius. The low temperatures were: negative fifteen degrees Celsius, negative one degrees Celsius, twenty-three degrees Celsius, and two degrees Celsius.

Figure out the high and low temperature for each city.

1.    The difference between Rome's high and low temperature was eleven degrees Celsius.

2.    The difference between Atlanta's low temperature and Manila's high temperature was thirty-six degrees Celsius.

3.    Anchorage's high temperature was not sixteen degrees Celsius.

4.    Rome's high temperature of the day was colder than sixteen degrees Celsius.

5.    Anchorage had the lowest low temperature of the day.

6.    Rome's low temperature of the day was fourteen degrees Celsius warmer than Anchorage's low temperature of the day.