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The National Weather Service reported the normal monthly precipitation (25.28 inches, 26.34 inches, 21.48 inches, and 24.93 inches) for four cities (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, and Anchorage). The total precipitation this month, relative to the normal precipitation, for the four cities was: 5.62 inches, -3.44 inches, 4.75 inches, and -3.15 inches.

Figure out the normal and actual precipitation for each city.

1.    Anchorage had twenty-two and nine tenths inches of rain this month.

2.    The city that normally has twenty-four and ninety-three hundredths inches of rain had thirty and fifty-five hundredths inches of rain this month.

3.    If Winnipeg had rained three and fifteen hundredths inches more this month, then Winnipeg would have had normal precipitation.

4.    Philadelphia's precipitation for the month was above normal.

5.    Philadelphia had thirty and three hundredths inches of rain this month.