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Abigail is a farmer. She built six plots to grow vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, lettuce, and pumpkins). After preparing the plots, she forgot which plot is for which vegetable. She knew the width (15 m 20 cm, 6 m 20 cm, 10 m, 5 m 80 cm, 13 m 70 cm, and 14 m 50 cm) and length (19 m 50 cm, 12 m 30 cm, 21 m 80 cm, 14 m 60 cm, 19 m 70 cm, and 22 m 80 cm) of the plots.

Figure out the length and width of each plot and the vegetable being grown in the plot.
Also figure out the area and perimeter of each plot.

1.    The cucumber plot has the longest width.

2.    The eggplant plot has a perimeter of 63 m 60 cm.

3.    The pumpkins plot has an area of 168.51 m2.

4.    The lettuce plot has an area of 113.1 m2.

5.    The cabbage plot has a perimeter of 58 m 20 cm.

6.    The pumpkins plot has the smallest length.

7.    The plot with a width of six hundred twenty centimeters has a perimeter of fifty-eight meters.