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Rachel, Abigail, and Katherine competed in the women's singles figure skating competition.

Each person has been assigned a technical and presentation ordinal mark. A mark of 1.0 indicated that the person was placed in first place. To determine the winner, the two marks from each judge are added together and assigned an ordinal. In case of a tie, the technical mark has more weight. If there is still a tie, we will allow both people to share the same rank. (Please note that these calculations are simplified from the actual Olympics.)

For the technical ordinal score, the judges give the best performance an ordinal of one. The next best performance receives an ordinal of two, and so on. The presentation ordinal score is assigned in the same way. So for three people, a person could have a presentation ordinal score ranging from 1 to 3.

(When ordinals are compared, a higher ordinal score actually means a lower number. For example an ordinal of 1 is better, and considered higher, than an ordinal of 3.)
Figure out the scores for each skater and their final rankings.

1.    One skater received a 3 technical ordinal and a 1 presentation ordinal.

2.    One skater received a 2 presentation ordinal and a 2 technical ordinal.

3.    Abigail had the best technical ordinal score.

4.    Abigail's technical ordinal is higher than her presentation ordinal.

5.    Katherine's technical ordinal score was lower than Rachel's technical ordinal score.

6.    Rachel's technical ordinal is equal to her presentation ordinal.