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The manager at the EdHelper Bank lost track of the total original investments that five people deposited into the bank.

Figure out the original deposit for each of these customers (John, Noah, Jordan, Nicole, and Daniel). All of the accounts are paid simple annual interest.

1.    Noah and Nicole deposited a total of $33,500 into two accounts. One account is paying 7.92% and the other is paying 5.72% simple interest. In one year, the annual simple interest will be $2,323.20 for both accounts.

2.    Jordan will earn $691.05 less simple annual interest than Daniel. Jordan's annual interest rate is 5.61%.

3.    Daniel's account, which pays 6.21%, will earn $624.50 more in simple interest than the simple interest earned in one year by John's account. John has an account that pays 6.16% annual interest. Daniel and John originally deposited $24,000 altogether.