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Matthew found a list of names and salaries. The list of names are: Samantha, Danielle, and James. The list of salaries are 41x + 11240, 8900 + 31x, and 6x + 12850. Can you help Matthew figure out everyone's real salary?

1.    Danielle earns less than Samantha. If Danielle earned $18,550 more, Danielle would earn more than Samantha.

2.    Samantha earns less than James. If Samantha earned $13,940 more, Samantha would earn more than James.

3.    Samantha earns 8900 + 31x.

4.    Danielle makes the least amount of money.

5.    Samantha earns $1,050 more than Danielle.

6.    Danielle earns less money than Samantha.