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Shelby, Jordan, Kyle, Victoria, Anthony, and Makayla each have a car. Each car has a different fuel economy (60 kilometers per liter, 95 kilometers per liter, 45 kilometers per liter, 100 kilometers per liter, 35 kilometers per liter, and 65 kilometers per liter).

The price of regular gasoline is $0.50 per liter and the price of ultra gas is $0.64 per liter.

Figure out the fuel economy and the owner of each car.

1.    Shelby and Jordan both drove their cars from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is 1,127 kilometers from Atlanta. Shelby needed 13.4 more liters of gas than Jordan.

2.    The fuel cost for Anthony to drive roundtrip between Chicago and El Paso was $30.98. Anthony fills up his car with ultra gas. It is 2,415 kilometers between Chicago and El Paso.

3.    Victoria's car fuel economy is 8% more efficient than Jordan's car.

4.    Kyle estimates that he will drive 17,000 kilometers next year and have an annual fuel cost of $114.56. Kyle uses ultra gas.

5.    The fuel cost for Makayla to drive roundtrip between Atlanta and New Orleans was $22.91. Makayla fills up her car with ultra gas. It is 804 kilometers between Atlanta and New Orleans.