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EdHelper Parcel Company specializes in shipping parcels. The cost of shipping a package is $1.69 for each half of a kilogram shipped.
Kaylee, Christian, Jose, Amber, Joshua, and Samuel each have one package to ship. Each package is a different weight (223 g, 12.3 kg, 947 g, 14 kg 37 g, 7 kg, and 5.8 kg). Figure out who has which package, the weight of the package, and the cost to ship the package.

1.    Amber's package costs the most to ship.

2.    Samuel's package is six thousand, five hundred grams lighter than Jose's package.

3.    It will cost $23.66 to ship Joshua's package.

4.    Christian's package is seven hundred twenty-four grams heavier than Kaylee's package.