/n/ sound
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Something or someone that is not like something or someone else.

After I looked at the royal blue paint, I decided that I liked the different color better.
Do you want to play Yahtzee or a different game?
Mrs. Lee will assign a different project to each student.

A connected series of railroad cars running on tracks. You might ride on one of these to visit a friend.

Alice and Leda rode the train to New York.
Have you ever ridden on a train?
The train stopped at the station to pick up other passengers.
The train that we are taking will leave on time from platform 3.

rein, cane, contain, reign, arraign, feign, slain, chain, vane, stain

Not closed or shut, so that people or things can go in and out or can be seen.

Open the door and let the puppies come inside.
The breeze blew through the open window.
The pet store doesn't open until 10:00 on Saturday.
The skateboard shop is open on Saturday.

A long, thin stick that is sometimes used by people to help them walk.
The thick, hollow stem of some plants.

"I don't like using a cane," his grandmother said. "It slows me down."
My grandfather is very old and can walk only with a cane.
The cane from bamboo is used to make furniture.
When Steve broke his leg he had to walk with a cane.
Zachary likes to chew on sugar cane.

arraign, plane, strain, drain, feign, cocaine, chain, pain, contain, vain


An arch of colors in the sky that you can see when the sun shines through raindrops.

Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple are the colors of the rainbow.
There was a beautiful rainbow after the rain stopped.

This tiny insect is known for its great strength of carrying objects much heavier than its own weight. It lives in highly organized societies called colonies - the queen is in charge of laying eggs; her mates do not carry any significant social roles other than mating with the queen, and the workers are responsible for fetching food and running errands.

An ant is a very busy bug.
The ant hid food for winter.
The grasshopper wanted food from the ant.

aunt, grant, pant, rant, scant, slant, enchant, implant, recant, transplant

A long, narrow object with a point that is filled with ink and used for writing. You may need one of these to write down your thoughts about something.

Carlos likes to write with a red pen.
I used a pen to sign my name.
My pen ran out of ink.

men, then, when, wren, yen

The part of your body at the end of your arm that has one thumb, four fingers, and a palm.

Amy waved hello by making a gesture with her hand.
Brandi has a bad cut on her hand.
Most people have a thumb on each hand.
Natalie writes with her left hand.

disband, band, brand, stand, sand, demand, bland, land, command, offhand


A part of your face that you use to breathe and smell. It has two small openings called nostrils.

My dog has gray spots on his nose.
Please cover your nose when you sneeze.

rose, froze, repose, those, juxtapose, throes, oppose, close, goes, compose

To remove dirt or stains from something. This is probably something that your Mom does not enjoy doing.

Amy has to clean her room before she can play.
Brandi is fully capable of cleaning her room, but chooses not to clean it.
I put my clean clothes in my dresser drawer.
We have to clean our house every Saturday morning.
We keep our classroom very neat and clean.

scene, seen, demean, lien, careen, keen, lean, green, cuisine, sheen

A male ruler of a country who is a member of a royal family.

Did the United States ever have a king?
King Henry VIII had many wives.
The king was not very nice to his people.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring

A tool with a curved bowl at one end that you use for eating things such as cereal.

I need a spoon for my soup.
Mom likes to use a wooden spoon to stir the soup.
Somebody broke into our house and stole our silver spoons and forks.

commune, baboon, inopportune, cartoon, tune, raccoon, picayune, balloon, bassoon, boon


This bird has wings, but it cannot fly. Most of them live in cold places near Antarctica. Although it looks clumsy on ice, it is an excellent swimmer! This bird feeds on fish.

The penguin has to be very careful when it swims so that it doesn't get eaten by a seal.
We watched the penguins jump out of the water and onto the land.