/p/ sound
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To cut up something with a sharp tool, such as a knife. George Washington did this to the cherry tree.

Coty will chop wood for his great-grandmother tonight.
Joe used an axe to chop down the tree.
When Mom begins to chop onions, her eyes start to water.

crop, drop, flop, hop, mop, shop, slop, swap, top

A group of things that have been stacked up.
A great or large amount of something.

I had a huge pile of papers that needed to be filed away.
Please don't throw your clothes into a pile.

while, file, dial, isle, fertile, tile, trial, beguile, aisle, smile

Closing your eyes and resting your body and mind.

Jim fell asleep while he was reading his book.
Mother said to whisper because the baby is asleep.
My father is asleep.

peep, sweep, reap, deep, heap, sheep, sleep, cheap, leap, creep

A large boat that carries people or goods. You might cross the ocean on one of these!

The captain stood at the helm of the ship.
The ship sank to the bottom of the sea.
The ship struck an iceberg.

drip, chip, slip, lip, whip, dip, zip, rip, hip, grip


To choose someone or something.
To remove a flower, fruit, or leaf from a plant.

Jill chose to pick an apple instead of an orange.
Wally wants to pick some flowers for his mother.
Will you pick me for your team?

flick, stick, sick, slick, brick, chick, quick, click, tick, trick

A small body of water.

Can you see the bottom of the pond?
My dad and I caught some catfish in the pond.
We took a trip to the pond, so we could feed the ducks.

blond, blonde, fond, beyond

An animal that is a part of your family and lives in your home. This is a fun thing to have and play with.

Barry once had a pet pig.
My pet rabbit loves to eat cabbage.
We have a pet dog.

forget, beset, set, bet, met, sweat, abet, whet, cassette, debt

A farm animal. This mammal is raised for its wool and meat. Some people like to count these if they cannot fall asleep.

My uncle has a herd of sheep on his ranch.
Sheep are not very smart animals.
Wool comes from sheep.

cheap, creep, deep, heap, leap, peep, reap, sleep, steep, sweep


A small red, green, or dark purple fruit that grows in bunches. They can be dried to make raisins.

There are red and green grapes in the fruit salad.

ape, cape, crepe, gape, shape, escape

To throw something away, usually quickly and carelessly.

Julia just dumped her clothes on the floor.

bump, hump, lump, plump, pump, stump, thump

A narrow piece of ground, lane, or trail where people can walk. You may be on this if you go hiking.

Our group stayed on the path so that no one would get lost.
The path led us to the old farmhouse.
We followed the path to the great big tree.


You can make this color by mixing blue and red paint.

If you blend red and blue together, you will make purple.
Lana wore a purple dress today.
Some grapes are dark purple.


A large bag with shoulder straps used to carry objects; knapsack.

Ellie's backpack is very heavy.
I carry three of my books in my backpack.
If your backpack is too heavy, it can give you back problems.
There were shoes, socks, and mittens in Jack's backpack.