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A large motor vehicle that moves things from one place to another along roads.

Danny's dad would like to buy a pickup truck.
Jeff and Katya brought their Christmas tree home in their truck.
Men came in a truck to trim our trees.

duck, luck, pluck, suck, tuck

To hold something while moving it somewhere.

I can't carry the box by myself.
Misha always helps his mother to carry heavy things.
We will need several strong men to carry the piano.
Kaylee likes to carry her purse in her right hand.

To move quickly on your legs. If you meet an angry bear, it's a good idea to do this!

A cheetah can run faster than any other animal.
Can Bob run faster than Carlos?
I can run faster than Luis, but he can jump higher.

nun, in, ton, won, done, sun, gun, none, one, shun

A place where land is used to grow crops and raise animals. Old MacDonald had a farm! (E-i-e-i-o)

There were acres of cornstalks on Mr. Brown's farm.
We have pigs, chickens, and cows on our farm.

arm, harm, forearm


To have tears falling from your eyes because of sadness, rage, or pain. You may do this while watching a sad movie.

I do not like to cry in front of other people.
Mary began to cry when she hit her head on the table.
She cried out in pain.

thigh, standby, buy, eye, decry, reply, die, pie, underlie, rely

The color of a ripe strawberry. Never wave a flag of this color in front of a bull!

A bug bit my arm and left a red spot.
Do you like green or red grapes?
Do you like red roses or white roses?
Our school colors are red and black.

bed, tread, dead, ahead, bread, shred, infrared, dread, led, overhead

A thin, plastic tube used for drinking. If you get a drink at a fast food restaurant this will probably be in the cup.

I like to drink Coke through a straw.
It's not easy to drink a milkshake through a straw.

awe, claw, draw, flaw, gnaw, paw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw

To look at written words and understand what they mean. Some people like to do this so much that they forget to eat!

Aaron will read at least five books this summer.
Dad likes to read the newspaper while he eats breakfast.
My mother likes to read to me at bedtime.

tread, thread, dead, dread, knead, intercede, lead, led, said, mislead


To make words with a pen or pencil on a surface or piece of paper.

Carlos likes to write with a red pen.
Ryan wrote his name on the paper.

ignite, invite, slight, byte, delight, white, plight, knight, excite, light

Found only in Africa, this mammal lives in grasslands and plains. Its fur has a black and white pattern.

There are not two zebras that have the same pattern of stripes.
We saw three zebras at the zoo.

A system of trains, stations, and tracks. People use this to travel from one place to another.

There is a railroad station near our house.
Travel by railroad is a lot of fun.

The part of your body between your shoulder and your hand.

A bug bit my arm and left a red spot.
Do you throw a football with your right arm?
Jacob broke his arm when he fell off the swing.

farm, harm, forearm


A small red, green, or dark purple fruit that grows in bunches. They can be dried to make raisins.

There are red and green grapes in the fruit salad.

ape, cape, crepe, gape, shape, escape