/t/ sound
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A mammal with wings that lives in caves and likes dark places.

There is a family of bats living in the old barn.
Tyler wore a bat costume to the Halloween party.

at, mat, gnat, combat, that, sat, pat, rat, chat, hat

A structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.

A robin built a nest in the elm tree.
The father bird brought pieces of string to make the nest soft.
The snake stole the eggs from the nest.
We saw a nest with three blue eggs in it.

contest, arrest, attest, jest, wrest, guest, digest, pest, behest, ingest

A long, narrow container that you squeeze to get the contents out. Toothpaste often comes in a container like this.

Please put the cap on the tube of toothpaste.


A tall plant with branches, roots, leaves, and a main stem called a trunk.

"Mom!" exclaimed Julie, "Jimmy fell out of the tree and hurt his arm!"
A robin built a nest in the elm tree.
All the leaves fell off the tree.
Lightning struck the tree across the street.
There is a very old oak tree in the park.

tea, we, knee, she, debris, ski, three, pea, me, the


A small household pet related to lions and tigers. It is very secretive. Its specialty is to catch mice!

A kitten becomes a cat when it is mature.
Bob's cat makes him sneeze.
David and Kathy have two dogs and four cats.
Lisa brought a new cat home from the shelter.

combat, bat, pat, sat, hat, at, mat, chat, gnat, that

The time between sunset and sunrise, when the sky is dark.

Bob's father likes to give him a bear hug every night.
He likes to sit on the porch at night.
It was hard for me to go to sleep last night.

bite, blight, bright, fight, upright, flight, byte, height, light, tight

A mark, spot, discoloration, or other dirty mark that is hard to remove.

Maybe soap will take out the stain.
She stained her dress with orange juice.
The blackberries left a stain on my coat.

domain, cane, slain, crane, constrain, plane, disdain, main, sprain, drain

A sticky piece of paper put on an envelope or card to show you have paid for it to be mailed.

I can't send this letter because I don't have any stamps.
Maria stuck a stamp on the postcard.

camp, cramp, damp, lamp, ramp


This is one of the many hard, white bonelike parts inside of your mouth. You use this for biting and chewing.

About four years ago, I fell off my bike and broke my tooth.
Jacob just lost his first baby tooth!
My dentist informed me that my tooth is beginning to decay.

sleuth, vermouth

To rest the body on the buttocks and thighs. If you do this too long, your muscles will get stiff!

Deric's baby brother has to sit in a highchair.
Don't sit on Sierra's hat.
My dog, Skip, likes to jump into my lap when I sit on the sofa.
My little sister likes to sit between my mom and dad.
Please sit by me on the bus.

it, submit, fit, quit, pit, bit, permit, mitt, slit, lit

A four-legged mammal with a beard and horns. This animal is related to sheep.

A baby goat is called a kid.
Some people believe goats will eat anything.

bloat, connote, remote, tote, note, quote, rote, boat, promote, float

A connected series of railroad cars running on tracks. You might ride on one of these to visit a friend.

Alice and Leda rode the train to New York.
Have you ever ridden on a train?
The train stopped at the station to pick up other passengers.
The train that we are taking will leave on time from platform 3.

plane, cane, bane, crane, disdain, feign, vain, complain, pain, champagne


This tiny insect is known for its great strength of carrying objects much heavier than its own weight. It lives in highly organized societies called colonies - the queen is in charge of laying eggs; her mates do not carry any significant social roles other than mating with the queen, and the workers are responsible for fetching food and running errands.

An ant is a very busy bug.
The ant hid food for winter.
The grasshopper wanted food from the ant.

aunt, grant, pant, rant, scant, slant, enchant, implant, recant, transplant