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To bring something from one location and give it to someone at another location.

Mom delivered dinner to her sick friend.
The postal worker delivers our mail.

liver, quiver, river, shiver

A tool that you can use to dig sand or to clear snow. You will need one of these if you want to build a large sand castle at the beach.

Nicholas' father used a shovel to clear the snow off the sidewalk.
James left the shovel leaning against the fence.


This bird is related to pigeons. It has a small head, short neck, plump body, and a pair of short legs. This bird has a unique way of drinking water - they dip their beaks and suck water without raising their heads. This bird's white feathers are a symbol of peace. You may see a lot of decorated ones during Christmas.

A dove is a very beautiful bird.
We put a glass dove on top of our tree.

glove, love, of, drove, grove, stove

A flat rectangular paper that closes. This can hold papers inside. You use one of these if you want to send something in the mail.

Do you have an envelope that I can use?
I used an envelope to send my grandmother a birthday card.


A kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

Dad had to extinguish the fire on the stove caused by hot grease.
My mom cooked soup on the stove last night.
Elizabeth put a pot of water on the stove.

dove, drove, grove

A thin piece of cloth or fabric that hides something behind it.

The artist lifted the veil to uncover his latest masterpiece.
The bride wore a veil at her wedding.

pale, fail, stale, jail, tale, gale, unveil, hale, braille, mail

A meeting where someone asks you questions. You should be prepared for one of these so that you will do well.

Dad had to interview for a new job.
The reporter conducted an interview of all the witnesses to the crime.

A feeling you have because you are worried about something. You may feel this if you have to go in front of the class to talk!

Donny was nervous when he went to the doctor.
Susan was nervous when she started to sing.


Something that comes from the Middle Ages, which is the period between the 12th and 15th centuries. That was a long time ago!

Bobby likes to draw medieval knights.
There are many medieval castles in Germany.

evil, retrieval, upheaval

A strainer that lets you separate something into small and large pieces. It is a tool that has small holes that remove lumps from liquid or powder. You can use this to drain spaghetti!

Aunt Mary used a sieve to strain the tea.
She poured the peas into the sieve to drain.

give, live

A doctor who treats sick animals.

Brandon wants to be a veterinarian because he loves animals so much.
Our veterinarian told us that Spot was going to be okay.

carrion, clarion, librarian, sectarian, vegetarian, egalitarian, humanitarian, totalitarian

A musical instrument that has four strings stretched across a wooden fame. You can play this instrument by holding it under your chin and moving a bow across the strings.

Grace played the violin so beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes.
Whenever you play the violin, it reminds me of my father.

akin, bin, chin, in, fin, pin, skin, shin, twin, within


A large stream of water. Sometimes these can cause a flood!

My clothes are still damp from swimming in the river.
Our farm is near a river.
The river flooded and ruined all the houses in the valley.
When we were camping, we took a bath in the river.

liver, quiver, shiver