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This bird has wings, but it cannot fly. Most of them live in cold places near Antarctica. Although it looks clumsy on ice, it is an excellent swimmer! This bird feeds on fish.

The penguin has to be very careful when it swims so that it doesn't get eaten by a seal.
We watched the penguins jump out of the water and onto the land.

Making no noise or very little noise; silent and peaceful. You have to be this in a library!

Please be quiet while I study for my test.
Susan likes to find a quiet place to read.
The librarian told us to be quiet while we read.
We had to be quiet during the play.
You should be quiet while other people are talking.

diet, riot

The absence of color. Snow looks like this!

I spilled spaghetti sauce all over my white sweater.
White elephants are rare.

bite, recite, bright, byte, fright, fight, trite, might, height, slight

A warm bedding made of two layers of cloth stitched together. It takes a long time to make one of these!

David's grandmother made a quilt for his birthday.
My grandmother made a quilt for my bed.
Danielle likes to sleep under a quilt.

built, gilt, guilt, stilt, tilt


Air that is moving.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
I think I will fly a kite today, because the wind is blowing strongly.
The wind was so strong that it blew the umbrella out of my hand.

bind, blind, find, grind, kind, behind, refined, remind, resigned, unkind

To use your arms and legs to move along in water.

After jumping into the deep water, I began to swim.
It was a long swim across the river.
My younger brother can only swim in the shallow end of the pool.
What is the best way to learn how to swim?

brim, dim, grim, limb, rim, skim, slim, trim, whim

To clean yourself or something with soap and water. I hope you do this to your body or you might begin to stink.

"It's Jill's turn to wash dishes," complained Betty. "Why do I have to do them?"
On Saturdays, I get up and wash everyone's clothes.

squash, galosh, panache

Something that moves backward and forward through the air.

After school, she likes to go to the playground and play on a swing.
Dad bought a baby swing for my baby brother.
There is a tire swing in my yard.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring


An underground railroad system that some large cities have. Many people who live in large cities use this instead of owning and driving a car.

The subway is always crowded during rush hour.
When I travel in the city, it is easiest to ride the subway.

This animal is the largest mammal living in the ocean. It comes to the surface every now and then to breathe air through its blowhole. Dolphins are related to this animal. These are beautiful creatures in the ocean.

I once saw a whale jump out of the water.
The main character of Moby Dick is a great white whale!
We went whale watching in San Diego.

bail, fail, travail, flail, prevail, sale, shale, hale, jail, trail

To speak or say something very quietly.

Mother said to whisper because the baby is asleep.
Paul and Ronnie whispered in the library so they would not disturb others.
You should whisper in a library.