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To mistake one thing for another or to have trouble trying to tell the difference between two things.
To make something unclear to someone so that he or she has trouble understanding you. You probably do this to your parents a lot.

Did you confuse your sister again?
I hope I did not confuse you too much.

lose, excuse, peruse, accuse, infuse, bruise, amuse, bemuse, suffuse, fuse

A large rodent. This rodent is covered with long, sharp spines. It uses these spines to protect itself!

The porcupine tried to sneak up on the campsite, but we heard him.
We heard a porcupine rustling in the bushes.

A large, expensive boat with sails or an engine. This type of boat may be used in boat races.

Grandpa sold his yacht.
Mr. Daniels had a party on his yacht last Friday night.

plot, trot, clot, slot, blot, knot, bought, caught, lot, got

A meeting where someone asks you questions. You should be prepared for one of these so that you will do well.

Dad had to interview for a new job.
The reporter conducted an interview of all the witnesses to the crime.


A list of foods served in a restaurant.

Ginger said that nothing on the menu looked good.
The server brought us a menu.

A solid shape with six square sides. This is also called a hexahedron!

A box is shaped like a cube.
I can never figure out the Rubik's Cube.


A person. You are one of these!

Humans have large brains.
We should treat each other like decent human beings.


When you look through this you are able to see things far away as if they are close to you!

Our seats were so high we had to use binoculars to see the football game.
Aaron used his binoculars to watch the birds build a nest.


Something that can be burned to provide heat or power.

Gasoline is one type of fuel.
Our home is heated by fuel oil.

cool, mule, cruel, dual, gruel, dual, duel, preschool, refuel, jewel

A machine that can store information and solve problems.

Do you know how to use a computer?
I bought a computer yesterday.
I can think better if I use my computer.
Please ask Jeff to fix my computer.

scooter, suitor

A piece of wood that goes across the back of two oxen so that they can pull something. This piece of wood keeps the animals together so that they can work together in pulling a load.

The hunters put a yoke on the oxen so they could carry their supplies.
They used a yoke to transport the supplies.

folk, evoke, woke, broke, choke, croak, poke, provoke, cloak, invoke

Exercises that focus on breathing and stretching.

I think yoga looks difficult.
My mom goes to a yoga class once a week.



A rocky valley with steep sides. Often a stream can be found flowing along the bottom.

Many tourists visit the Grand Canyon every year.
There's a very cold river at the bottom of the canyon.