/z/ sound
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A tool with handles and two blades joined together. Be careful or you might cut yourself with these!

Glenn cut his thumb with the scissors.
I used scissors to cut out the ad in the paper.
We used scissors to finish our craft project.
You will need scissors to cut out the shapes.

A gift that is given to someone. This is always a fun thing to get on your birthday.

Are you going to buy Uncle John a present for his birthday?
I have given her a present.
Will you buy a birthday present for Kyle?

sent, consent, content, went, discontent, dissent, scent, supplement, resent, extent

To press something from two sides. This is one way you can pop a balloon!

Do not squeeze the ketchup bottle too hard or you will make a mess!
My mom squeezes hard when she hugs me.
We always have freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast at grandma's house.

reprise, chemise, trapeze, tease, sneeze, please, these, seize, frieze, freeze

Something that is across from something else or on the other side.

The bull was on the opposite side of the fence!
We saw a house on the opposite side of the river.


Two strips of metal teeth that can open and close. You can find this on some bags and pants.

Grandma sewed a zipper onto my dress.
Why didn't someone tell me that my zipper was broken?

skipper, slipper

A relatively long-bodied reptile with two pairs of legs, a tapering tail, and rough skin.

Jack found a lizard under the log.
Some lizards look like tiny dinosaurs.
There are many lizards living around our pool.

blizzard, gizzard

A building where criminals are kept; a jail.

If Calvin continues to break the law, he will get caught and go to prison.
The judge sentenced the criminal to twenty years in prison.


A place where you can go see and learn about lots of different wild animals. There are so many cool animals at this place!

"I saw a giraffe at the zoo," Rachel said. "He ate out of my hand."
A new animal was brought to the zoo.
The zoo added a new safari section and a lot of new African animals.

blew, hew, queue, to, two, imbue, blue, dew, debut, due


The line in the sky at which the sky and earth appear to meet.

The sun disappeared over the horizon.

A quantity consisting of 12 items or units. One of these from a baker is actually thirteen.

A baker's dozen is thirteen instead of twelve.
There were a dozen students standing in line.
We bought a dozen doughnuts for breakfast.


Found only in Africa, this mammal lives in grasslands and plains. Its fur has a black and white pattern.

There are not two zebras that have the same pattern of stripes.
We saw three zebras at the zoo.

A place that is very dry and hot. You may find a cactus plant growing here!

Arizona has a lot of desert.
We drove through the desert to get to California.

convert, insert, shirt, concert, skirt, squirt, exert, turret, avert, revert


Something given for winning a contest or competition.

Did you win a prize?
I won a prize for the best homemade cookies.
With a little luck maybe I can win a prize at the carnival.

guise, disguise, size, reprise, incise, improvise, surmise, surprise, baptize, rise