/ch/ sound
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A vegetable with dark green leaves. This is cooked or sometimes added to salads.

"I don't like spinach," said the little boy.
I didn't like the canned spinach.

The world's largest bird. It cannot fly. Because it is flightless, it relies on its two long, strong legs to run away from an enemy. It is found only in Africa. When it runs, it can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour

Can an ostrich run faster than a horse?
Sometimes people ride on ostriches.

A small clock that you put on your wrist to see what time it is.

I can't believe that I forgot to wear my watch!
Leslie looked at her watch and realized that she was going to be late again.

A small, round fruit that is very sweet. These have a small pit in the center and are usually red.

My favorite dessert is cherry pie.
We picked some cherries from the cherry tree.

berry, canary, harry, very, ferry, unwary, prairie, terry, fairy, vary


To be unable to breathe because something is in your throat. Chew your food well, so this will not happen to you.

As the lady began to choke, her face turned red.
The man began to choke on his food.

revoke, croak, broke, joke, woke, yoke, folk, evoke, smoke, poke

This is what it is called when a bird sits on a branch.

The bluebird perched on the tree branch.
We have a painting of a dove perched on an olive tree branch.

church, lurch

To catch and hold onto someone or something.

Our group captured the rabbits and took them to a safer place.

Large items in a room used for resting or doing work. This includes chairs, beds, tables, desks, and sofas.

Doug decided to paint the furniture!
How many pieces of furniture are in this room?


A person, an animal, or other shape that has been made from stone or wood by an artist.

There is a sculpture of an eagle in the airport.
Alexis' sculpture won first prize in the art show.

To do something that is not fair during a game or a test.

It is not good to cheat when you are playing a game with someone.
No one likes to play games with someone who likes to cheat all the time.

beat, beet, sweet, secrete, discrete, heat, delete, defeat, conceit, feat

A room where food is stored and meals are prepared. You may have a stove, an oven, and a refrigerator in this room.

I cooked a meal in the kitchen.
It was Bobby's turn to clean the kitchen.
My mother uses a blue mitt in the kitchen.
Our kitchen floor was slippery after it had been mopped.

A wild and exciting experience.

Riding the roller coaster at the fair was a real adventure.
We didn't expect our field trip to the zoo to be such an adventure.

debenture, indenture


A sculpture that is made to look like a person, an animal, or an object. This piece of art may be made from stone, wood, or metal.

There is a tall statue in the center of town.
We took the ferry across part of the ocean to see the statue.
While in New York, we saw the Statue of Liberty.