/b/ sound
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A sack or container that you can carry things in.

All my crayons are in a bag under my desk.
Isaac brought his lunch to school in a bright red bag.
Jake has a new book bag.

Rhymes:  brag, flag, gag, lag, rag, sag

Like ants, this type of insect lives in a highly organized society. Its favorite food is flower nectar. It really hurts when this types of insects stings us!

A worker bee is always female.
Carla is as busy as a bee.
The bee sting made a bump on my foot.

Rhymes:  be, plea, flea, fee, foresee, knee, the, tea, ski, quay

A farm building where grain, animal feed, equipment, and animals are housed.

Our cat hid her kittens in the barn.
Wilbur lived in a pigpen under the barn.

An arch of colors in the sky that you can see when the sun shines through raindrops.

Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple are the colors of the rainbow.
There was a beautiful rainbow after the rain stopped.


A round bag made of thin material and filled with air or gas so that it floats.

Cathy blew up a bright green balloon.
The baby's balloon popped and scared him.
The red balloon floated up toward the clouds.

Rhymes:  noon, lagoon, tycoon, moon, inopportune, attune, raccoon, maroon, pontoon, tune

A mathematical symbol that can be used in counting. This symbol represents the total or quantity of something.

I cannot read the page number.
What is the number on that door?
Which number comes after 13?

Rhyme:  lumber

A brightly-burning fire or something that looks like a fire.

The wind caused the fire to blaze higher.
There is a blaze in the woods.

Rhymes:  braise, craze, daze, graze, maze, phrase, praise, raise, amaze, appraise

A soft, warm covering usually put on a bed.

Aileen has a red blanket on her bed.
Julie keeps herself warm under a thick blanket.
Mom covered the baby with a soft pink blanket.


A color that is similar to the color of wood.

Grass is green in the summer and brown in the winter.
Jill has long, brown hair that is naturally curly.
Norm wore shiny brown shoes to school.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Rhymes:  clown, crown, down, drown, frown, gown, town, renown

An underground railroad system that some large cities have. Many people who live in large cities use this instead of owning and driving a car.

The subway is always crowded during rush hour.
When I travel in the city, it is easiest to ride the subway.

A piece of furniture used for resting or sleeping.

"I don't feel well," Nathan complained. "I'm going to bed."
Harry goes to bed after he watches TV.
Elizabeth put her favorite doll on her bed.

Rhymes:  thoroughbred, instead, said, read, bread, head, led, sled, ahead, fed

To use your teeth to cut something.

Do you think that dog will bite me?
I will bite into this apple.
Josh will bite his tongue.

Rhymes:  byte, trite, forthright, upright, fight, rite, ignite, height, knight, light


A brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping.

Ernesto swept the kitchen with a broom.
The scary witch flew into town on a broom.

Rhymes:  groom, boom, consume, entomb, womb, loom, doom, perfume, costume, bloom