/sh/ sound
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The land along the edge of an ocean, a sea, or a lake.

The children build sand castles on the shore.
The sailboat was anchored near the shore.

oar, sore, wore, ignore, floor, for, four, more, fore, door

A dark shape made by someone or something blocking the light.

His shadow follows him every place he goes.
If the groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, we will have six more weeks of winter.
My shadow is taller than I am!

To move something away from you by pressing on it.

Christopher told James not to try to push him around all the time.
Courtney will push the baby in the swing.


To allow someone else to have a portion of something. It's very hard to do this sometimes!

Will you share your candy bar with me?
Jasmine and Sierra share a bedroom.

air, bare, solitaire, hare, flare, beware, fair, fare, prepare, stare


This is when you move something up and down. Some people like to do this with their hands when they meet someone new.

Shake hands with Mr. Jackson.
We watched the dog shake all the water out of its hair.

snake, lake, brake, make, fake, mistake, steak, bake, break, cake

A cold-blooded animal that lives in water and breathes through gills. They usually have fins, a tail, and move by swimming.

Do you like to eat fish and chips?
Donna will buy food for her fish after school.
Madison's father caught three fish.
Samantha has 10 fish in her aquarium.
Swimming is easy for a fish!

dish, swish, wish

To clean yourself or something with soap and water. I hope you do this to your body or you might begin to stink.

"It's Jill's turn to wash dishes," complained Betty. "Why do I have to do them?"
On Saturdays, I get up and wash everyone's clothes.

squash, galosh, panache

A fish with several rows of sharp, triangular teeth. Some of these attack humans in the ocean. If you see one of these, get out of the water!

Most sharks do not attack humans.
Sharks do not have a backbone.

arc, bark, dark, mark, spark, embark, remark


A large boat that carries people or goods. You might cross the ocean on one of these!

The captain stood at the helm of the ship.
The ship sank to the bottom of the sea.
The ship struck an iceberg.

grip, snip, dip, zip, strip, lip, drip, tip, hip, flip

A farm animal. This mammal is raised for its wool and meat. Some people like to count these if they cannot fall asleep.

My uncle has a herd of sheep on his ranch.
Sheep are not very smart animals.
Wool comes from sheep.

cheap, creep, deep, heap, leap, peep, reap, sleep, steep, sweep

A piece of clothing that is worn over the upper half of your body. This is usually thin and has a collar and sleeves. You might get cold without one of these!

Do you have more than one red shirt?
Joseph has a new blue plaid shirt.
Mom cut the label out of my shirt because it scratched my back.

convert, inert, avert, dirt, exert, hurt, insert, revert, subvert, concert