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The study of the use of numbers. If you like science, then you probably also like this subject.

I did arithmetic to figure out how much money was in my piggy bank.
This arithmetic problem has me stumped.

energetic, cosmetic, peripatetic, kinesthetic, prophetic, frenetic, anesthetic, pathetic, athletic, aesthetic

The study of numbers, measurements, and shapes. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry.

John thinks mathematics is very difficult!
Mathematics is Jerry's favorite class.

Non-poisonous snakes with strong, muscular bodies. They squeeze their prey to death before swallowing it whole! They are not boas. One of them is the longest snake in the world! I would not like to trip over one of these!

We saw three pythons at the zoo.
Timothy's friend has a pet python!

A large open container that is filled with water for bathing.

Eric's mother wouldn't let him keep his turtle in the bathtub.
The towel fell into the bathtub.
Amanda left her rubber duck in the bathtub.


A storm with dark clouds, heavy rain, strong wind, loud noises, and streaks of light in the sky. My dog crawls under the bed when one of these comes!

The thunderstorm slowed the progress of traffic.
There was a lot of lightning with that thunderstorm.

A person who likes to play in one or more sports. You need to be in excellent physical shape to be a good one.

Emmitt Smith is a great athlete.
My brother is training to become an Olympic athlete.

An instrument that doctors use for listening to the sounds generated inside the body.

The doctor used a stethoscope to listen to my heartbeat.
The nurse carries a stethoscope with him at work.

An insect that looks like a butterfly. To tell this insect from a butterfly, we can look at its antennae. This insect's antennae are featherlike.

Moths are attracted to light.
There was a beautiful moth on my window.



The writer of a work.

A well-known author lives in our neighborhood.
The author wrote a surprise ending for her novel.
The books represent the feelings of the author.

A decoration made from flowers, leaves, or other plant parts that are tied together into a circle.

The ladies got together and made wreaths for their neighbors.
We hung a wreath on our front door during the Christmas season.

heath, teeth, bequeath

A fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon) used in sewing and weaving. Tie one of these around your finger so you won't forget something!

I had a hard time getting the thread to go through the eye of the needle.
It is not easy to thread the needle.
Mom used thread to sew my skirt together.
We bought blue thread to stitch my jeans.
Lauren used silk thread for her blouse.

instead, overhead, lead, tread, thoroughbred, bread, sled, led, dead, ahead

An instrument for measuring temperature.

The thermometer outside my window reads 85 degrees.
When I got sick, my mom put a thermometer in my mouth.

barometer, hydrometer, kilometer


A small brush that you put toothpaste on to clean your teeth.

Benjamin's toothbrush is blue and silver.
I keep my toothbrush in a cup.