/ng/ sound
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To take liquid into your mouth and swallow it.

Dave wanted a drink of water after the race.
Don't drink water from the pond.
Larry likes a lot of ice in his drink.
The milkshake was too thick to drink!

blink, brink, clink, ink, link, shrink, sink, think, wink, zinc

A male ruler of a country who is a member of a royal family.

Did the United States ever have a king?
King Henry VIII had many wives.
The king was not very nice to his people.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring

Something with nothing on it.

Jack left his test paper blank.
Steven has a lot of blank paper.
The walls in my bedroom are blank.

bank, dank, drank, frank, sank, shank, stank, tank, thank, yank

A small fixture that is connected to a wall and has faucets for hot and cold water. The water falls from the faucets to its drain. You can wash your hands in this!

The cat hid under the sink.
Isaac left his pet turtle in the bathroom sink.

blink, brink, clink, drink, ink, link, shrink, think, wink, zinc


A soft, warm covering usually put on a bed.

Aileen has a red blanket on her bed.
Julie keeps herself warm under a thick blanket.
Mom covered the baby with a soft pink blanket.

Something that moves backward and forward through the air.

After school, she likes to go to the playground and play on a swing.
Dad bought a baby swing for my baby brother.
There is a tire swing in my yard.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring

This bird has wings, but it cannot fly. Most of them live in cold places near Antarctica. Although it looks clumsy on ice, it is an excellent swimmer! This bird feeds on fish.

The penguin has to be very careful when it swims so that it doesn't get eaten by a seal.
We watched the penguins jump out of the water and onto the land.

To make musical sounds with your voice. It hurts my ears to hear some people do this!

Jack said he would try to sing louder.
Our class likes to listen to the chorus sing.
Jose stood on the stage to sing a song.

bring, cling, fling, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring