/d/ sound
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A toy in the shape of a person. If you are a girl, you may play with this toy a lot.

Andrea's mother will not let you bring her best doll to school.
Mary sleeps with her favorite doll.

banal, cabal

To take liquid into your mouth and swallow it.

Dave wanted a drink of water after the race.
Don't drink water from the pond.
Larry likes a lot of ice in his drink.
The milkshake was too thick to drink!

blink, brink, clink, ink, link, shrink, sink, think, wink, zinc

A long path for vehicles, such as cars and bicycles, to travel on. If we didn't have any of these, it would be hard to get to other places!

After the rain, the road was muddy.
The men fixed the hole in the road.
The road from Austin's house to Zachary's is not paved.
There is a dirt road behind our house.
There is a yellow line in the middle of the road.

code, goad, load, owed, rode, commode, corrode, encode

A vehicle mounted on runners for transportation over snow. Sometimes horses or dogs pull these. It is fun to ride one of these down a hill!

We used a sled to slide down the snowy hill.
William pulled his sled back to the top of the hill.
Daniel got a new sled and ice skates for Christmas.

tread, shed, dead, infrared, fed, shred, lead, head, said, dread


Air that is moving.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
I think I will fly a kite today, because the wind is blowing strongly.
The wind was so strong that it blew the umbrella out of my hand.

bind, blind, find, grind, kind, behind, refined, remind, resigned, unkind

Someone or something not wet.
To take the moisture out of something.

It is very dry here because we have had no rain.
My mom likes to dry our clothes outside.
The climate in the mountains is cold and dry.

decry, underlie, supply, eye, thigh, standby, nearby, buy, dye, pie

To collect things and put them together in one place.

Gather the 52 cards on the floor.
How many baseballs can you gather by 5 o'clock?


To throw something away, usually quickly and carelessly.

Christina just dumped her clothes on the floor.

bump, hump, lump, plump, pump, stump, thump


A food made from flour, water, and yeast. The ingredients are baked in an oven to make loaves.

Bread is best when it's warm.
Colton likes to toast his bread because it is crispier when toasted.
I like butter on my bread.

shed, thread, dread, read, overhead, lead, thoroughbred, bed, led, said

The water that develops on the ground during the night. This can cause your grass to be wet even though it has not rained.

The butterfly landed on the grass that had dew on it.
When we woke up in the morning, there was dew on the ground.

two, blue, chew, into, due, drew, askew, crew, through, ewe

A system of trains, stations, and tracks. People use this to travel from one place to another.

There is a railroad station near our house.
Travel by railroad is a lot of fun.

Having a low temperature. The weather is usually like this in the winter.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
His mother pulled off his wet, cold, wool socks.
It is cold and snowing outside.
It is very cold outside today.

bold, fold, gold, hold, old, told, behold, controlled, uphold


A tiny hard part inside the flower or fruit of some plants. If you don't have some of these, you can't grow apple trees!

Each of us planted a seed in a paper cup.
The chipmunks like seeds and nuts.
Abigail planted poppy seeds in her flowerbed.

weed, deed, proceed, knead, concede, cede, reed, lead, stampede, breed