/f/ sound
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To put as much as you possibly can into something so that it becomes full.

Fill your basket with as many apples as it will hold.
Mr. Grove went to the gas station to fill his tank.
Please fill the cat's water dish.

frill, goodwill, shrill, pill, mill, drill, will, distill, thrill, still

An argument or struggle between people, animals, or groups. Each side in the argument tries to hurt the other side.

Jonathan and Matthew got into a fight after school.

light, flight, tight, byte, ignite, write, fright, upright, bright, sight

The part of a plant that grows at the top of a stem and has petals. The petals are usually colorful. This is the part of the plant that most people enjoy looking at!

Her favorite flower is a tulip.
I will make a flower out of paper.
Mrs. Beck grows dandelions in her flower garden.
Will the seed become a flower or a vegetable?

dour, flour, glower, our, scour, shower, sour, tower, overpower

An animal that is a relative of dogs and wolves. It has long, triangular ears, a narrow, pointed nose, and a long, bushy tail. Unlike wolves, this animal hunts for food by itself.

A fox will steal a farmer's chickens.
People say a fox is a sly animal.
The fox has beautiful silver fur.

box, ox


A group of people related to each other. Adults get married so they can start a new one!

A family of squirrels lives in that oak tree.
I am the only son in my family.
My family consists of me, my brother, my father, and my mother.

The nutritious things that people and animals eat to stay alive.

At home we have really good food.
Do you need any food for the party?
Fido kept one eye on his food and one eye on the cat.
Juana knows how to cook Mexican food.

obtrude, include, preclude, conclude, protrude, lewd, allude, nude, exclude, rude

At great speed. What you hope to be in any race.

Alexander can't run as fast as Anna.
Race car drivers try to go extremely fast without crashing.
There were fast winds during the storm.
Turtles don't move very fast.

blast, cast, last, mast, past, contrast

The first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.

After breakfast we will go to town.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Dad likes to read the newspaper while he eats breakfast.
Henry likes to have fruit cereal and milk for breakfast.


Something or someone that is not like something or someone else.

After I looked at the royal blue paint, I decided that I liked the different color better.
Do you want to play Yahtzee or a different game?
Mrs. Lee will assign a different project to each student.

A person or animal with a large, obese, heavy body.

A fat robin pulled another worm from the ground.
Our bodies store fat in fat cells.
The three little puppies in the box are fat.

that, pat, mat, gnat, at, hat, rat, sat, chat, combat

To pick something up.

Barry can lift that box for you.
Can Mark lift the teacher's desk?
Nate thinks he can lift 100 pounds!

drift, gift, rift, shift, sift, swift, thrift

To make sounds or noise with your voice because you think something is funny.

Did you laugh when Bianca made a funny face?
His jokes were so funny that we all laughed.
I laugh every time I hear that story.

calf, chaff, graph, half, staff, giraffe


A piece of cloth with a pattern on it. This may be used to represent a country. At schools, these are put on the end of a pole.

Each country has its own flag.
The United States' flag has 50 stars on it to represent the 50 states.
The flag of Italy has green in it.

bag, brag, gag, lag, rag, sag