/g/ sound
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A four-legged mammal with a beard and horns. This animal is related to sheep.

A baby goat is called a kid.
Some people believe goats will eat anything.

coat, denote, boat, moat, note, vote, bloat, float, tote, gloat

A container that is used to drink from.
A hard, breakable material that you can see through.

May I have a glass of milk?
That is a very expensive pane of glass.
The baseball broke the glass in our front window.
Nicholas drank a glass of orange juice at breakfast.
I filled my glass up to the rim.

mass, crass, amass, grass, morass, brass, class, surpass, last, harass

A piece of cloth with a pattern on it. This may be used to represent a country. At schools, these are put on the end of a pole.

Each country has its own flag.
The United States' flag has 50 stars on it to represent the 50 states.
The flag of Italy has green in it.

bag, brag, gag, lag, rag, sag

Birds, fish, and some reptiles lay this. Their young live inside of this. When the young are ready for the outside world they will hatch!

An ostrich's egg is very large.
The baby chicken began to hatch, so the egg started cracking.

beg, leg, peg, segue


A sack or container that you can carry things in.

All my crayons are in a bag under my desk.
Isaac brought his lunch to school in a bright red bag.
Jake has a new book bag.

brag, flag, gag, lag, rag, sag

To make a hole in the earth. We have a dog that does this a lot and it causes holes in our yard.

Dad had to dig a hole to plant the tree.
He said he would dig all the way to China!
Our dog will dig a hole and bury his bone.

big, fig, twig, wig

To hand something to another person.

Billy forgot to give Mom the message that Mr. Jones had called.
I will give you four quarters for a dollar.
My mother said she would give me $20.00 for the book sale.

live, sieve

Wolves and foxes are related to this animal. This animal is a common pet in many households. This animal is known as man's best friend.

Dan's dog has a very short tail.
Do you think that dog will bite me?
My dog likes to chase a ball.
Our dog sleeps in our room at night.
The dog buried its bone.

cog, log


A piece of a branch or trunk of a tree.

Daniel cut the log into eight pieces.
Michael's father built a log cabin.

cog, dog

The color of grass and many leaves on trees, when they are fresh and growing.

Broccoli is a green vegetable and is good for you.
Everything looks fresh and green in the spring.
The flock of sheep quietly chewed on the green grass.

machine, canteen, glean, clean, lien, latrine, preen, mien, cuisine, demean

Your body has a pair of these allowing you to walk.

Bill has long legs.
Brandon broke his leg playing football on Monday.
Katya cut her leg when she fell.

beg, egg, peg, segue

A piece of thick, heavy fabric that you can find on some floors. Be careful not to trip over this!

There is a rug in front of the fireplace.
Abigail bought a soft white rug for her room.

bug, drug, dug, hug, jug, plug, shrug, smug, snug, tug


This large cat is a great hunter! It can creep really close to its prey without making a sound. Its yellow-and-black fur is a great camouflage against the dappled lights and in the tall grass.

A baby tiger needs milk to help nourish its body.
The tiger pounced on his prey.
The tiger roamed around the safari.
When we went to the zoo, we saw a white tiger and her cubs.