/h/ sound
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A health facility where patients receive treatment from doctors and nurses.

Dad took me to the hospital when I broke my arm.
My grandmother is very sick, so she is in the hospital.
The nurses at the hospital are nice people.
Christopher has to stay in the hospital for three days after his surgery.

To put something where other people will not be able to find it.
To go somewhere so that no one will be able to find you. Sometimes you may want to do this to get away from everyone.

After I got a bad report card, I wanted to hide from my parents.
My little brother likes to hide from me.

bride, cried, pride, fried, stride, guide, beside, wide, dried, deride

Grass that has already been cut and dried. Horses and cattle like to eat this!

Joe and Jack like to play in the hay.
The horses were standing in the meadow and eating the hay.
We stored hay in the barn.

they, clay, tray, fray, ray, way, gay, may, croquet, cache

A curved metal or plastic object that is used for hanging things.

I hung my coat on a hook.

book, brook, cook, crook, nook, shook, precook


The part of your body at the end of your arm that has one thumb, four fingers, and a palm.

Amy waved hello by making a gesture with her hand.
Brandi has a bad cut on her hand.
Most people have a thumb on each hand.
Sierra writes with her left hand.

brand, sand, stand, demand, offhand, bland, expand, land, and, command

A gap or space in something.

A well is a very deep hole.
Can you mend the hole in my pocket?
Our dog will dig a hole and bury his bone.
The men fixed the hole in the road.
We dug a hole in the backyard.

foal, knoll, stole, console, coal, whole, enroll, bowl, roll, stroll

Something that weighs a lot. You may not be able to lift something if it is this.

I could not lift the box because it was too heavy.
Grace's backpack is very heavy.

bevy, levy

One of two equal parts of something.

Fold the paper this way and cut it in half.
May I have half of your apple?

calf, chaff, graph, laugh, staff, giraffe


The back part of your foot. This part of your foot may hurt if your shoes are too tight.
The back part of a shoe.

I hurt my heel while I was running.
I need new shoes because the heel has a hole in it.

kneel, eel, reveal, steal, keel, reel, zeal, wheel, ideal, real

An area of high ground that is higher than the land around it, but smaller than a mountain.

A hill is smaller than a mountain.
Do you think you can climb that hill?
We climbed the hill and had a picnic at the top.

distill, will, grill, bill, skill, ill, gill, instill, spill, goodwill

To strike something quickly with your hand or with an object. It is not good to do this to your little brother or sister.

Arnie should not have hit the ball so hard.
I hit my shin on our coffee table.
I wanted to hit my brother, but I knew that I shouldn't.

bit, fit, spit, permit, it, lit, get, mitt, quit, pit

This animal has just one toe on each foot. People have used this animal for centuries to farm land, transport goods, and pull carriages. It is fun to ride this animal through the meadows.

I gave an apple to the horse.
We put the saddle on our horse and took him for a ride through the pasture.

coarse, course, force, source, endorse


A covering that you wear on your head.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
Abraham Lincoln, who was our sixteenth president, wore a tall hat.
The women in the parade wore beautiful hats.

mat, cat, at, that, sat, gnat, combat, chat, bat, rat