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A tropical place that has lots of trees, plants, and wild animals. This type of forest can be found in areas near the Equator.

It is not safe to go into the jungle alone.
There are many lions in the jungle.

A place where people exercise and play sports. Often this is a large room in school where you can find basketball courts and plenty of room to run!

I am going to help decorate the gym for the dance.
The high school built a new gym.
We play basketball in the gym.

brim, dim, grim, limb, rim, skim, slim, swim, trim, whim

The point of connection between two bones in your body. This allows you to move!

If you have inflamed joints, it is called arthritis.
Sometimes my joints hurt when it is cold outside.

point, appoint

A sea animal that has a clear body. Be careful if you see one of these at the beach because it can sting you!

Colton got stung by a jellyfish at Chesapeake Bay.
We saw a jellyfish in the sea.


A structure built over an obstacle, such as a river or a road.

We crossed the bridge to get to the other side of the lake.
We walked on a bridge to cross the river.

A precious stone that has been cut and polished for use as jewelry.

A diamond is a very precious gem.
Is there more than one gem in that ring?

stem, condemn

This small mammal is covered with spines! It rolls itself up into a spiny ball when threatened by a predator.

The most famous hedgehog is Sonic.
We saw a hedgehog hiding in the bushes.

A sport in which two people wrestle each other. You cannot punch! This sport started in Japan.

Jigoro Kano was the founder of judo.
My sister is learning judo.


A piece of decoration that is worn on clothes as a sign of rank, membership, or achievement.

Mom is required to wear a name badge to work.
Sheriff Lackluck lost his badge in the fight.
The police officer showed us his badge.

The tallest land animal. It has a very long neck and can eat leaves and twigs that other animals can't reach!

A giraffe has a very long tongue.
A giraffe is a very tall animal.

calf, chaff, graph, half, laugh, staff

A sweet food that is made by cooking fruit with sugar.

I like to put jam on my biscuits.
Lonnie had strawberry jam on his sandwich.

am, clam, cram, dam, ham, lamb, ram, swam, exam

To hurt yourself or someone else. If you do this to a part of your body, it may hurt a lot.

Did you injure your ankle when you fell?
I think I injured my back when I fell off the ladder.



One whose job is to use science to try to solve problems.

My dad is an engineer.

beer, unclear, clear, sphere, ear, fear, hear, here, cavalier, insincere