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A rectangular block of clay that has been baked and is used in making a house or other kind of building.

Jerry's house is made of bricks.
That bucket of bricks is very heavy.

quick, tick, trick, click, lick, stick, chick, sick, flick, slick

To touch someone's face with your lips.

I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek.
I saw my brother kissing his girlfriend.

bliss, hiss, miss, this, amiss, dismiss, remiss, reminisce

A natural stone. You find these when you dig!

That rock was really heavy!
We had to dig rocks out of the ground to make a garden.
Robert hid his key under a rock.

sock, mock, shock, interlock, caulk, dock, stock, lock, block, chalk

A male ruler of a country who is a member of a royal family.

Did the United States ever have a king?
King Henry VIII had many wives.
The king was not very nice to his people.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring


Something you can put on your face to look like something else.

Raven's mask scared me!
We can use these feathers to make a mask.

ask, bask, flask

To remove dirt or stains from something. This is probably something that your Mom does not enjoy doing.

Amy has to clean her room before she can play.
Brandi is fully capable of cleaning her room, but chooses not to clean it.
I put my clean clothes in my dresser drawer.
We have to clean our house every Saturday morning.
We keep our classroom very neat and clean.

seen, screen, obscene, sheen, glean, cuisine, latrine, lien, between, bean

A vehicle that has four wheels. The engine in this vehicle usually runs on gasoline.

Coty's mother has a blue and white car.
I like to ride in the front seat of the car.
Peter's family is going to buy a new car.
Some cars cost more than others.
Matthew helped me carry the groceries to the car.

guitar, czar, our, tar, are, star, far, ajar, jar, scar

The darkest color. The opposite of white. The color of coal.

Amy lost her black crayon.
Every kitten in the box was black.
Jeremy's shirt is black.

attack, unpack, knack, crack, track, sack, snack, whack, shack, stack


To put a question to or make a request of someone.
To invite somebody to an event or to do something.

Ask Paul to wait for his little sister.
I had to ask Dad if I could borrow his tools.
I wanted to ask my mom a question, but she was busy.

bask, flask, mask

A large area of land where people come to relax or play. Sometimes this may have a soccer or baseball field. This is a fun place to have a picnic.

Along with my brothers, we played soccer at the park.
Paul can't go with them to the park.
We played baseball at the park.

arc, bark, dark, mark, shark, spark, embark, remark

A fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed.
To fasten something with a key.

Did you remember to lock the car doors?
I forgot to lock my diary and Jason read it.
My brother likes to lock me out of his room.
Please put the lock back on the chest.
There is no lock on that door.

caulk, stock, mock, shock, dock, block, rock, clock, chalk, sock

A fish with several rows of sharp, triangular teeth. Some of these attack humans in the ocean. If you see one of these, get out of the water!

Most sharks do not attack humans.
Sharks do not have a backbone.

arc, bark, dark, mark, spark, embark, remark


To hold something while moving it somewhere.

I can't carry the box by myself.
Misha always helps his mother to carry heavy things.
We will need several strong men to carry the piano.
Kaitlyn likes to carry her purse in her right hand.