/l/ sound
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A warm bedding made of two layers of cloth stitched together. It takes a long time to make one of these!

David's grandmother made a quilt for his birthday.
My grandmother made a quilt for my bed.
Victoria likes to sleep under a quilt.

built, gilt, guilt, stilt, tilt

A round toy that is hit or thrown or kicked in games.

Arnie should not have hit the ball so hard.
He hit the ball so hard that the bat cracked.
Luis hit the ball right through the store window.

shawl, hall, crawl, call, install, all, haul, bawl, recall, wall

A container that is used to drink from.
A hard, breakable material that you can see through.

May I have a glass of milk?
Is this glass half full or half empty?
I filled my glass up to the rim.
Nicholas drank a glass of orange juice at breakfast.
The baseball broke the glass in our front window.

grass, surpass, morass, amass, last, gas, brass, harass, class, mass

A fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed.
To fasten something with a key.

Did you remember to lock the car doors?
I forgot to lock my diary and Jason read it.
My brother likes to lock me out of his room.
Please put the lock back on the chest.
There is no lock on that door.

sock, dock, rock, chalk, shock, caulk, stock, block, clock, interlock


A very soft material that can be used to make pots and bricks.

We made a copy of the Alamo with clay.
We used clay to make a bowl.

bouquet, ray, fray, gay, gray, hay, delay, ballet, pay, say

A group of things that have been stacked up.
A great or large amount of something.

I had a huge pile of papers that needed to be filed away.
Please don't throw your clothes into a pile.

smile, dial, beguile, file, fertile, tile, aisle, while, awhile, trial

A hollow metal cup that makes a ringing sound when it is struck.

After the bell rings we go to our classes.
The bell on the fire truck was loud.
We go outside when the fire drill bell rings.

sell, fell, tell, shell, hotel, knell, cartel, farewell, well, expel

A white fluid that female mammals produce to feed their babies.

Chocolate milk is very good.
Fruit, milk and cereal are good for breakfast.
He used all the milk on his cereal.
May I have a glass of milk?

bilk, silk


A brightly-burning fire or something that looks like a fire.

The wind caused the fire to blaze higher.
There is a blaze in the woods.

braise, craze, daze, graze, maze, phrase, praise, raise, amaze, appraise

A soft, round, sweet fruit with a pit inside.

I ate so many plums that my stomach hurt all night long.
Little Jack Horner pulled a plum out of a pie.

plumb, gum, dumb, crumb, thumb, come, numb, succumb, sum, some

Letters, magazines, and packages that are delivered by the postal service.

Do not forget, Caleb, to mail the letter.
Kenny got some mail from Texas.
There was no mail for me today.

bail, pale, male, scale, tale, jail, tail, sail, exhale, inhale

A system of trains, stations, and tracks. People use this to travel from one place to another.

There is a railroad station near our house.
Travel by railroad is a lot of fun.


To put as much as you possibly can into something so that it becomes full.

Fill your basket with as many apples as it will hold.
Mr. Grove went to the gas station to fill his tank.
Please fill the cat's water dish.

frill, thrill, still, ill, bill, mill, pill, gill, spill, distill