/m/ sound
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Any living creature that breathes and moves.

A cheetah can run faster than any other animal.
The lion is a very majestic animal.
We went to the animal shelter to pick out a new pet.

A device, such as a bell or a flashing light, that warns you of something.
A sudden feeling of fear that something bad will happen.

I despise the alarm clock when it beeps at 6 o'clock every morning.
The bell on the alarm clock was too loud.
The loud noise made Millie jump with alarm.
The sound of cars crashing alarmed Zachary.
When the smoke alarm sounded, we left through the emergency exit.

arm, farm, harm, forearm

To push your body quickly and suddenly into the air. You may like to do this when you are excited about something.

Henry can jump over a desk.
I can run faster than Andrew, but he can jump higher.
Kevin jumped up and down when he heard the good news.

bump, dump, hump, lump, plump, pump, stump, thump

Something you can put on your face to look like something else.

Raven's mask scared me!
We can use these feathers to make a mask.

ask, bask, flask


A mathematical symbol that can be used in counting. This symbol represents the total or quantity of something.

I cannot read the page number.
What is the number on that door?
Which number comes after 13?


A small furry mammal with sharp teeth and a long tail. This animal is a part of the rodent family.

Ashley screamed, "There's a mouse under my desk!"
The little gray mouse ran across the floor.
The tiny little mouse was afraid of the cat.

blouse, grouse, house

A place where land is used to grow crops and raise animals. Old MacDonald had a farm! (E-i-e-i-o)

There were acres of cornstalks on Mr. Brown's farm.
We have pigs, chickens, and cows on our farm.

arm, harm, forearm

A sweet food that is made by cooking fruit with sugar.

I like to put jam on my biscuits.
Lonnie had strawberry jam on his sandwich.

am, clam, cram, dam, ham, lamb, ram, swam, exam


A long stick with a sponge at one end. This is used to clean floors.

She used a mop to clean the kitchen floor.
The mop is in the closet.

chop, crop, drop, flop, hop, shop, slop, swap, top

A sticky piece of paper put on an envelope or card to show you have paid for it to be mailed.

I can't send this letter because I don't have any stamps.
Maria stuck a stamp on the postcard.

camp, cramp, damp, lamp, ramp

Things are dirty and possibly not where they belong.

After the party, our room was a mess.
Dad thinks my bedroom is always a mess!
What a mess we had when I spilled the ink!

coalesce, repress, press, excess, distress, largesse, caress, stress, suppress, guess

A musical instrument that you tap or beat with a stick or your hands.

Eugene made a drum from a big metal can.
John plays the snare drum in the marching band.

crumb, plum, from, sum, come, gum, dumb, succumb, thumb, numb


A brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping.

Ernesto swept the kitchen with a broom.
The scary witch flew into town on a broom.

perfume, exhume, flume, boom, presume, loom, costume, womb, room, bloom