Pre K-3 Themes

Common Digraphs

ai digraphs
ay digraphs
de digraphs
ea digraphs
ed digraphs
ee digraphs

er digraphs
ie digraphs
ll digraphs
me digraphs
ng digraphs
oa digraphs

or digraphs
ow digraphs
re digraphs
se digraphs
te digraphs
th digraphs

ve digraphs

Less Common Digraph Word Lists

ae digraphs
al digraphs
ar digraphs
au digraphs
aw digraphs
be digraphs

bl digraphs
ce digraphs
ck digraphs
dl digraphs
ei digraphs
el digraphs

ew digraphs
ey digraphs
fe digraphs
ff digraphs
fi digraphs
fl digraphs

ge digraphs
gl digraphs
he digraphs
hi digraphs
ho digraphs
ig digraphs

io digraphs
ir digraphs
ke digraphs
kl digraphs
la digraphs
le digraphs

li digraphs
lo digraphs
ly digraphs
mb digraphs
ne digraphs
ny digraphs

oe digraphs
oo digraphs
ou digraphs
pe digraphs
pl digraphs
po digraphs

ri digraphs
ro digraphs
ry digraphs
si digraphs
ss digraphs
tl digraphs

to digraphs
ud digraphs
ue digraphs
ui digraphs
ur digraphs
wr digraphs

ze digraphs
zl digraphs

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