Phonics Read and Color Books
(specific sounds)

/b/ Sound

             Bears, Bubbles, and Boats

             A Big Boy

             Baking Bread

             Babies with a 'B'

/d/ Sound


             Digging for Dinosaurs

             Dad's Dog

             Double Dog Dare

             The Disappearing Donuts

             Some Dinosaurs

/f/ Sound

             The Flying Frog

             Muffin and the Flapjack

             Five Fearful Frogs

             Farmer Fuller's Fig Farm

             Freddy's First Day of School

             First Steps

             Felipe Goes to the Fair

/g/ Sound

             Five Giggling Ghosts

             Gino Giraffe

             Gabby's Big Egg

             Goodnight, Everything

             A Grasshopper Grows

/h/ Sound

             The Hailstorm

             Hal's Happy Hippos

             Henry's Hiccups

             Helping Hands

             Honey the Hobby Horse

             Handbags, Hot Dots, and Halibut

             Helen Hippo's Hat

/j/ Sound

             Jump, Jim!

             Jack the Javelina

             Judy Jellyfish

/k/ Sound

             The King of Kangaroos

             Kit Kat

             Carla Cow

             Kelly Kangaroo Goes to Kansas

             Kaylee Bakes a Cake

             Kelly's Kitchen

             The Quail Has Quite a Family

/l/ Sound

             Larry Loses a Tooth

             Leaping Lizards

             Eleven Large Llamas

             Larry the Lady Lobster

             Luke's First Ride on the School Bus

             Liam the Little Leprechaun

/m/ Sound

             Ma, Mama, Madre, Mom

             Mud Pies and Fireflies

             Mad Molly

/n/ Sound

             Nine Neat Numbers

             Nigel and the Nest

             No One Noticed

             I Need a Nickel

/p/ Sound

             Consonant P Tongue Twister

             Poor Peter

             Poppy's Petunias

             Paul the Pizza Eater

             A Pack of Peanuts

/r/ Sound

             Robin and Rodney Red Breast

/s/ Sound

             Six Silly Sheep

             Six Silly Snakes

             What is Summer?

             Who's the Best?

/t/ Sound

             Tom and His Pet

             Terrible Tim

             Timmy the Turkey

             Tiny Toys

             The Terror of Tinkerton

/v/ Sound

             Leave Five of Everything

             A Handful of Violets

             Vera's Letter

/w/ Sound

             What is Winter

             Why, Mama? Why?

             Wes the Whale

             Wanda Wouldn't Wash Her Hands

/y/ Sound

             Yancy Yak from Yakima


             Yolanda's Yellow

/z/ Sound

             How Much is Zero?

             Fuzzy Zippers

/ch/ Sound


             The Cheerful Chicken

             Cheers for the Champions

             Chet's Children

/zh/ Sound

             Zippy Fizz

/th/ Sound

             Thirteen Things

             The Thrifty Tailor

             The Three Paths

             Thanks for That!

             The Third Thing

/ng/ Sound

             It Was Nothing

             A Long Hike

             Sing! Sing! Sing!

Long a Sound

             Lake Day

             Mom's Birthday


             Snowflakes and Wedding Cakes

             Stay Away!

Long e Sound

             The Mean Queen

             Buzzy Bee and the Sweet Honey Tree

Long i Sound

             Mike's Wish

             Icicle Island

             Ice Everywhere

             Where is White?

             Where is Mikey?

Long o Sound

             Olivia Finds a Glass Float

Long u Sound

             Goose on the Loose

Short a Sound

             Cat Sat and Ate

             Rat Saw a Hat

             Go Camping

             Black (a rebus)

             Clap Your Hands

             Planting Seeds


             Counting Bats

             That Cat!

             Stan Can

             That Was That

Short e Sound

             Farm Fresh Food

             Ten Men

Short i Sound

             The Little Kitten

             Sid the Whiz Kid

             Farmer Jim

             The Little Insect

Short o Sound

             Frog in a Pond

             Flossie's Swan Song

Short u + /r/ (ER) Sound

             Purple Everywhere

             Beaver Gets a Letter

             Irwin Visits the Circus

/oo/ Sound

             Looking at Books