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To move quickly on your legs. If you meet an angry bear, it's a good idea to do this!

A cheetah can run faster than any other animal.
Can Bob run faster than Carlos?
I can run faster than Christopher, but he can jump higher.

one, son, none, ton, stun, fun, in, gun, done, won

A large open container that is filled with water for bathing.

Eric's mother wouldn't let him keep his turtle in the bathtub.
The towel fell into the bathtub.
Madison left her rubber duck in the bathtub.

To move towards a higher place or position. This is the opposite of down.

"After you pick up your toys," Mom stated, "you can go outside and play."
You need to pick up your clothes before you watch TV.


You can make this color by mixing blue and red paint.

If you blend red and blue together, you will make purple.
Lana wore a purple dress today.
Some grapes are dark purple.


A young dog. One of these might chew up your favorite shoes!

Andrew's puppy has a black spot on his back.
I adopted a brown and white puppy.
I like it when my puppy nestles against me.

A health facility where patients receive treatment from doctors and nurses.

Dad took me to the hospital when I broke my arm.
My grandmother is very sick, so she is in the hospital.
The nurses at the hospital are nice people.
Connor has to stay in the hospital for three days after his surgery.

A device, such as a bell or a flashing light, that warns you of something.
A sudden feeling of fear that something bad will happen.

I despise the alarm clock when it beeps at 6 o'clock every morning.
The bell on the alarm clock was too loud.
The loud noise made Millie jump with alarm.
The sound of cars crashing alarmed Zachary.
When the smoke alarm sounded, we left through the emergency exit.

arm, farm, harm, forearm

This bird has wings, but it cannot fly. Most of them live in cold places near Antarctica. Although it looks clumsy on ice, it is an excellent swimmer! This bird feeds on fish.

The penguin has to be very careful when it swims so that it doesn't get eaten by a seal.
We watched the penguins jump out of the water and onto the land.


Found only in Africa, this mammal lives in grasslands and plains. Its fur has a black and white pattern.

There are not two zebras that have the same pattern of stripes.
We saw three zebras at the zoo.

Not closed or shut, so that people or things can go in and out or can be seen.

Open the door and let the puppies come inside.
The breeze blew through the open window.
The pet store doesn't open until 10:00 on Saturday.
The skateboard shop is open on Saturday.

A round, sweet, citrus fruit with a thick skin. In the morning, many people like to drink juice that is made from this fruit.

"Orange juice," the doctor said, "has a lot of Vitamin C in it."
Debbie likes orange juice better than milk.
Harry drank a glass of orange juice at breakfast.
There were three oranges in the basket.

Fine, tiny, dry pieces of dirt that float in the air and settle on surfaces.
To remove dirt from surfaces.

Debbie had to dust everything in the living room.
I had to mop, vacuum, and dust before I could play.
Please lift the books so I can dust.
There was dust everywhere in the old house.

crust, just, must, rust, thrust, trust, disgust, distrust, entrust, robust


To push your body quickly and suddenly into the air. You may like to do this when you are excited about something.

Henry can jump over a desk.
I can run faster than Andrew, but he can jump higher.
Kevin jumped up and down when he heard the good news.

bump, dump, hump, lump, plump, pump, stump, thump