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One of the signs or written symbols that we use to write words, such as x, y, and z.
A written message that you send to someone or receive from someone by mail.

Austin got a letter from Abby.
Did you get a letter from Bart?
The first letter of his name is "R."
What is the fourth letter of the alphabet?

better, debtor, sweater

To speak or say something very quietly.

Mother said to whisper because the baby is asleep.
Paul and Ronnie whispered in the library so they would not disturb others.
You should whisper in a library.

The only animal with feathers. They are warm-blooded and most of them can fly.

A bird landed on the ledge outside my window.
A cardinal was the first bird in the birdbath this morning.
A robin came to our bird feeder today.
We saw a very strange bird in our apple tree.

spurred, absurd, conferred, incurred, inferred, preferred

You can make this color by mixing blue and red paint.

If you blend red and blue together, you will make purple.
Lana wore a purple dress today.
Some grapes are dark purple.


To mix something by moving it around in a circular motion.

Don't forget to stir the cake mix.
Mom likes to use a wooden spoon to stir the soup.

inter, blur, purr, err, infer, chauffeur, incur, demur, confer, spur

To collect things and put them together in one place.

Gather the 52 cards on the floor.
How many baseballs can you gather by 5 o'clock?


A piece of clothing that is worn over the upper half of your body. This is usually thin and has a collar and sleeves. You might get cold without one of these!

Do you have more than one red shirt?
Joseph has a new blue plaid shirt.
Mom cut the label out of my shirt because it scratched my back.

overt, turret, revert, hurt, exert, divert, subvert, invert, alert, dirt

Something or someone that is not like something or someone else.

After I looked at the royal blue paint, I decided that I liked the different color better.
Do you want to play Yahtzee or a different game?
Mrs. Lee will assign a different project to each student.


This large cat is a great hunter! It can creep really close to its prey without making a sound. Its yellow-and-black fur is a great camouflage against the dappled lights and in the tall grass.

A baby tiger needs milk to help nourish its body.
The tiger pounced on his prey.
The tiger roamed around the safari.
When we went to the zoo, we saw a white tiger and her cubs.

A mathematical symbol that can be used in counting. This symbol represents the total or quantity of something.

I cannot read the page number.
What is the number on that door?
Which number comes after 13?


The part of a plant that grows at the top of a stem and has petals. The petals are usually colorful. This is the part of the plant that most people enjoy looking at!

Her favorite flower is a tulip.
I will make a flower out of paper.
Mrs. Beck grows dandelions in her flower garden.
Will the seed become a flower or a vegetable?

dour, flour, glower, our, scour, shower, sour, tower, overpower

A large stream of water. Sometimes these can cause a flood!

My clothes are still damp from swimming in the river.
Our farm is near a river.
The river flooded and ruined all the houses in the valley.
When we were camping, we took a bath in the river.

liver, quiver, shiver